Rich immigrants welcomed with open arms, in USA.

Voters might be angry about migration, but “golden visas” for the rich are booming across Europe. There’s a risk of a race to the bottom on standards.

Source: The Immigration Crackdown Doesn’t Apply to Rich People – The Washington Post

Why Border Walls Suck! 

‘The more you build walls, the more the other side becomes foreign and you fear it’

Source: Six Historians on Why Trump’s Border Wall Won’t Work – Rolling Stone

A Brown woman President like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just what the doctor ordered.

A new poll finds that nearly three-quarters of Democrats would consider voting for the freshman congresswoman if they could.

Source: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a popular choice for president — even though she’s too young to serve – The Washington Post

Racists support fascism, as a means of keeping Non-Whites, in their place.


In a series of tweets on Friday morning, Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman accused “Trump loyalists” of knowing deep down in their hearts that the president committed treason, but they don’t care because he appeals to their racist instincts.Taking the measure of the national zeitgeist,

Source: Paul Krugman: Trump loyalists know he committed treason with Putin but ‘it’s an OK price for the racism’ –

Indigenous Americans — who often work the hardest and for the least compensation — are the backbone of the Western Hemisphere’s economies, and deserve to be praised for it, not condemned or ridiculed by the likes of Trump.

As citizens dedicated to preserving peace and justice in our community, we were dismayed at the fear-mongering and misrepresentations in the address to the nation delivered by President Donald Trump…

Source: Your view: Immigrants enrich our society, not threaten it | Times Leader

Kentucky teens like racist-bred Texans who taunt Indigenous Americans with “Remember the Alamo!” chants due to their Brown skin. How much further are you taking this race war, Trump?!

What we know about the incident involving Covington Catholic students at the Indigenous Peoples March.

Source: Covington Catholic teens confront Native American: What we know

Police Brutality Update.

Source: Police Brutality Archives – The Free Thought Project

Trump loves to create messes he can turn around, and pretend to fix.

The fake president created a fake border wall crisis, and is creating a fake national emergency to build it, after creating a real government shutdown he’s still trying to blame Democrats for.

Source: Donald Trump Tweets Major Border Announcement Coming Saturday; Expected To Declare National Emergency

Mitch McConnell’s in the locker room, talking dirty with Donald Trump.

President Donald Trump’s government shutdown is approaching a month long as he continues to desperately hold out for his unpopular border wall, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) continues to block any bill that would reopen the government without funding for the project.On Wednes

Source: ‘Erosion of American democracy’: Watch Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slam Trump in first floor speech –

A sincere “Thank You, Nancy Pelosi!”From the millions of Latinos of all ages being so negatively effected by Trump’s escalating race war against us, and his endless hate speeches and bullying tactics. We deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, like everyone else.

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Source: Pelosi’s Letter Effectively Bans Trump From Delivering Traditional State of the Union