White Supremacy Justice.

As the only visible Muslim in the room, I was thrown out for having the wrong “attitude.”

Source: White Supremacy in the Courtroom: Booted From a Hearing on Guantánamo

Oppose death penalty, so just life imprisonment without pardon or parole for Trump.

In the aftermath of Donald Trump’s unprecedented and alarming joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin, critics have accused the American president of committing treason for his acquiescence to the Kremlin.

Source: Here Are All the People Who’ve Been Convicted of Treason in the US — And The Ones Who Were Punished by Execution | Alternet

Trump was never our president or leader, he was Putin’s president and leader.

It’s time to impeach the president.When I was ten years old, over a plate of rice, beans and tortillas, I watched the evening news in front of an old Emerson 19-inch tube TV. On the screen was a man who looked like a grandpa, resembled the dad on “Father Knows Best,” and who spoke of a Shining City on the Hill — whatever that meant.

Source: ‘Trump Is No Longer Our Leader’: Republican Texas State Lawmaker Calls for Impeachment After Putin Meeting | Alternet

Police Brutality Update.


Source: Police Brutality Archives – The Free Thought Project

Racists are, as un-American as any citizen or immigrant can be.

Source: The un-American President: Trump’s new(ish) argument against immigration – NY Daily News


Detained parents at the Port Isabel Detention Center have signed an open letter appealing to the US people to help them be reunited with their children.

Source: Immigration detainees separated from kids appeal for help – CNNPolitics

Trump wants global border wall, to shield all White people from Non-Whites.

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Donald Trump’s lament this week that immigration is changing the culture of Europe echoed rising anti-immigrant feelings on both sides of the Atlantic, where Europe and the United States are going through a demographic transformation that makes some of the white majority uncomfortable.Historians and advocates immediately denounced Trump’s comments, saying such talk would encourage white nationalists.

Source: Trump’s remarks about changing European culture draw ire

Ripping families apart is a terrorist act against poor, exploited and oppressed people.

Source: Family separation: ‘It is a form of child abuse’

Storm Troopers of Jesus Christ Surround the White House, In Defense of Their Glorious Fuhrer, Donald Trump.

Consider the different ways that the German Christian movement and the Confessing Church movement navigated their relationships with the Nazi government.

Source: Protestant Churches and the Nazi State | Facing History and Ourselves

What the Bible really says about immigration.

Source: What the Bible really says about immigration.pdf – Google Drive