Fascism is no ghost. It is alive and thriving in America, and spreading throughout the world.

We do not live in a post-truth world and never have. On the contrary, we live in a pre-truth world where the truth has yet to arrive. As one of the primary currencies of politics, lies have a long history in the United States.  For instance, state sponsored lies played a crucial ideological role in pushing the US into wars in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan, legitimated the use of Torture under the Bush administration, and covered up the crimes of the financial elite in producing the economic crisis of 2008.  Under Trump, lying has become a rhetorical gimmick in which everything that matters politically is denied, reason loses its power for informed judgments, and language serves to infantilize and depoliticize as it offers no room for individuals to translate private troubles into broader systemic considerations. More

Source: The Ghost of Fascism in the Post-Truth Era

James Comey’s views on protecting Trump from punishment for his treasonous crimes, to save the nation, are ludicrous. WE THE PEOPLE deserve no less than LOCK TRUMP UP!

Former FBI Director James Comey offered his thoughts Thursday in a new op-ed for the New York Times on the ostensibly forthcoming report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller. In the piece, he explained that he doesn’t have any hopes about how the investigation will conclude — only that it reaches the

Source: James Comey says he hopes Trump won’t be ‘impeached and removed from office’ — and offers a dire prediction if he is – Alternet.org

Veterans Call on U.S. Troops to Resist Illegal Orders to Invade Venezuela

It is illegal under both U.S. and international law to launch a military attack against another nation unless it is clearly in self-defense, and is approved by the United Nations.

Source: Veterans Call on U.S. Troops to Resist Illegal Orders to Invade Venezuela

Trump’s Venezuela invasion, stage right.

Last week Secretary of State Mike Pompeo ordered the last of the US diplomats out of Venezuela, saying their presence was a “constraint” on US policy toward the country. The wording seemed intended to convey the idea that the US is about to launch military action to place a Washington-backed, self-appointed politician to the presidency. […]

Source: Is Trump Really About to Attack Venezuela? – Global ResearchGlobal Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

White savagery, in Africa.

A human rights group is accusing the United States of waging a shadow air war in Somalia that is killing civilians with abandon.Amnesty International issued its findings on the African war Tuesday evening in a report titled The Hidden US War in Somalia (pdf).The U.S. has been covertly engagi

Source: US killing civilians with ‘impunity’ in hidden war on Somalia: report – Alternet.org

Where Christians do roam.

The National Christian Foundation is America’s eighth largest public charity, but it doesn’t build houses, educate children, feed the hungry, or provide other goods or services one might commonly associate with a charity. It’s also not a household name like the Red Cross, but that doesn’t prevent it

Source: Christian charity gave more than $50 million to hate groups – Alternet.org

Weapons trafficking promotes fascism around the globe.

How different our world could be if efforts were instead directed toward education, health care and community welfare.

Source: Can We Divest From Weapons Dealers?

Caging refugee children more important than healthcare for America’s poor.

Alzheimer’s patients, lower-income preschool children, and HIV patients are among those whose needs might go unmet.

Source: Trump to Divert Millions From Health Programs for Migrant Child Detention

Fuzzy lines between religion, fascism and terrorism.

The only way to begin is by joining in sorrow with those bereaved in Christchurch on 15 March and remembering and respecting the fellow humanity of those who, so painfully recently, were also living. Of course, we must find a way to comfort those made fearful by this terror: especially since such fear-making was its major purpose. More

Source: Terrorism Has No Religion

State of Palestine.

Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., whose statements prompted allegations of anti-Semitism by lawmakers on both sides of the aisles, called for a “balance, inclusive approach” to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in a new op-ed published Sunday in The Washington Post.”My goal in speaking out at all times h

Source: Rep. Omar calls for two-state solution to Israel-Palestine conflict in new op-ed – Alternet.org