Latinos are indigenous to America, and therefore more American than European-Americans.

Source: The DACA and immigration debates are about whether Latinos are “real Americans” – Vox

Pentagon strives, to devour Latin America and the Caribbean people.

via Venezuela: Revenge of the Mad-Dog Empire

‘Operation Homeland’ racist, as can be.

via The ‘Alt-Right’ Is Building a White Nationalist Mass Movement With ‘Operation Homeland’ | Alternet

Trump’s immigrant in-laws should be deported since they are a product of the ‘chain migration’ he condemns.

via Trump revives push for limits on immigrants bringing family – The Denver Post

The potential VOTING POWER of La Raza is what racist Republicans worry most about in re immigration, not crime or jobs.

via Rush Limbaugh admits his immigration fears are about voting, not security –

Amerikill: U.S. Culture.

via “The US’s Culture of Violence Contributes to the Sanctification of the Second Amendment”: An Interview With Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz

The U.S. has been corrupted into a fascist state, seeing its last remnants of democracy fade away.

via Thom Hartmann: We Live in a Country That Has a Totally Corrupted Political System | Alternet

Climate change severe, to Caribbean people.

via Caribbean Residents See Climate Change as a Severe Threat but Most Americans Don’t — Here’s Why


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Parkland students target NRA’s puppet politicians.

via ‘This is about begging for our lives’: Parkland students reveal plan to destroy politicians in bed with NRA