Monthly Archives: May 2013

U.S. sends Cubans back

24 Cuban migrants returned home by Coast Guard | Local News – WESH Home.

U.S. has inspired torturing of human beings around the globe

World: When We Are Dreaming of a Torture Free Society | Scoop News.

New Zealand wants in on Latin America business, too

New Leaders Elected for LANZBC | Scoop News.

Latin America, Caribbean say “Besame Mucho” to China, US and Russia

China’s moves in Western Hemisphere have US stepping up its game – Pacific – Stripes.

Stormy Caribbean summer predicted

Stormy Caribbean summer predicted – Telegraph.

CTEX, Tier-IV Data Center in Latin America and Caribbean

CTEX, The Newest and Most Advanced Tier-IV Data Center in Latin America and the Caribbean is Completing its Final Commissioning and Installation Phases.

Friendship growing between Cuba, Latin America and Russia – PRESIDENT OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION COUNCIL.

Obama’s worldwide death squads

Scahill: Dirty Wars Institutionalized Despite Obama Promises.

WTO pulls Caribbean strings

Caribbean Prepares For WTO Trade Policy Review.

Aryanzona Joe Rides Again!

Because facts mean nothing | SF Politics.