Monthly Archives: June 2013

Nothing on earth more evil than the White House

World’s Most Evil and Lawless Institution? The Executive Branch of the U.S. Government | Alternet.

CIA Induces Heart Attacks and Cancer to Assassinate Leaders of Foreign Governments Among Others

CIA Targeted Assassinations by Induced Heart Attack and Cancer | Global Research.

U.S. terrorists in Nicaragua

CIA Covert Ops in Central America: Nicaragua and the Road to Contra-Gate | Global Research.

The Good Americanos in Government

The Good Germans in Government.

Latin America Ready to Defy US over NSA whistleblower

Latin America is Ready to Defy the US over Snowden and Other Issues.

Drug trafficking up in the Caribbean

Drug trafficking up in the Caribbean as Mexico, CentAm crackdown on cartels | Fox News.

Colombia embraces Fourth Reich via NATO

Colombia signs deal with NATO in Latin America first.

Homeless Families Mistreated in Cuba

Cuba: Homeless Families Abandon Occupied Plot of Land – GroundReport – World News & Opinions.

Imperialist USA eager for “reason” to invade oil-rich Latin America; how about Snowden?

Ecuador’s hosting Snowden would establish Correa as major US foe – Business news –

U.S. presidents wolves in sheeps’ clothing one and all

Presidential Rule by Deception: Obama, the Master Con-man | Global Research.