Monthly Archives: September 2013

Healthcare Professionals Involved in Torturing Guantanamo Prisoners

Health Professionals Who Participate in Force-feeding Prisoners on Hunger Strike at Guantanamo Bay Should Lose Professional Licenses, New Study Reveals.

Latin America most vulnerable to higher U.S. interest rates

Latin America most vulnerable to higher U.S. rates-IMF – Yahoo Finance.

News from the Embassy of Cuba in New Zealand

Embassy of Cuba in New Zealand Newsletter 29 September 2013 | Scoop News.

Pacific Rubiales to buy Petrominerales/$1.6 billion deal

Pacific Rubiales to buy Petrominerales in a $1.6 billion deal – Brandon Sun.

Slavery reparations overdue

Caribbean nations press Old World for slavery reparations – Wire Lifestyle – The Sacramento Bee.

Mining Latin America

Latin America Mining Market Outlook to 2017 – New Mining Projects to Foster the Future Growth – Yahoo Finance Canada.

Latin America/Caribbean’s advanced Tier-IV datacenter

Latin America and the Caribbeans most advanced Tier-IV datacenter enters final commissioning phase – Yahoo Finance.

Bolivia suing United States for war crimes

Media Lens Message Board: Bolivia to sue United States for war crimes.

CELAC Urges Destruction of All Nuclear Weapons

Prensa Latina News Agency – CELAC, at UN, Urges Destruction of Nuclear Weapons.

Missing: U.S. Air Force loses Hydrogen Bomb (H-Bomb)

The Case of the Missing H-Bomb » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names.