Monthly Archives: December 2013

Nobel War Prize

Politicized Nobel Prize. Rewarding Those Who Best Contribute to War, Chaos and Crimes against Humanity | Global Research.

Overthrowing President Aristide

Haiti Coup d’Etat, Secret Ottawa Meeting To Overthrow President Aristide Revealed | Global Research.

Venezuelan General Deterrence Policy

Venezuelan General Deterrence: New Axis of Evil or Third World Liberation? | Global Research.

Obama’s Henchmen Used Chemical Weapons against Syrian Civilians and Government Forces

Syria: UN Mission Report Confirms that “Opposition” Rebels Used Chemical Weapons against Civilians and Government Forces | Global Research.

Drones over Latin America

Drone Use Soars in Latin America, Remains Widely Unregulated.

Caribbean nationals in US mobilize for flood aid to homelands

Caribbean nationals in US mobilise for flood aid | The Trinidad Guardian Newspaper.

China Becoming Latin America’s 2nd Largest Trade Partner By 2016

Move Over EU, China To Become Latin America’s 2nd Biggest Trade Partner By 2016.

Prosperity and Poverty in Latin America and Caribbean

Prosperity and Poverty in Latin America and the Caribbean | vox.

Judeo-Christian Fascism

US and Israeli Season’s Greetings: High Crimes of War, Against Humanity and Genocide | Global Research.

Farmwork much like slave labor

The Bitter Reality for Farmworkers.