Monthly Archives: January 2014

Scandals in US Nuclear Program Endanger the World

New Scandals Rock US Nuclear Command | Global Research.

Israel’s Nuclear Program Endangers the World

Israel’s Secret Nuclear Program | Global Research.

Hispanicizing aka “Mayonnaising La Raza”

Latino Startup Alliance Becomes National Non-Profit; Forms Major Alliance With Hispanicize – Yahoo Finance.

Zone of Peace in Latin America and Caribbean

Morning Star :: 33 states sign up to Havana Declaration ‘zone of peace’.

Hating the Rich Righteous

Hate the Super Rich?.

Torture called “enhanced interrogation” when committed by U.S.

New York Times Calls Torture “Torture” When the Perp Is an Official Enemy.

» Brazil Judge Deems Marijuana Prohibition Unconstitutional

» Brazil Judge Deems Marijuana Prohibition Unconstitutional Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!.

Boohoo, the rich feel persecuted. Play a Stradivarius for them

Rich People Feeling Persecuted – Business Insider.

Keeping Texas Latinos ignorant about their rich culture, history and heritage

Diaz: Mexican-American studies needed in Texas |

CELAC declares Latin America, Caribbean nuclear-free-zone

CELAC declares region nuclear-free-Eastday.