Monthly Archives: February 2014

U.S. has no business accusing other countries of human rights violations when it is the worst offender

US report says rights violations, corruption widespread in Indian Government | Latest News & Updates at

U.S. military spying on American civilians, too

Inside the Army Spy Ring and Attempted Entrapment of Peace Activists, Iraq Vets, Anarchists.

Al-CIAda (Obama henchmobs) losing ground against Russian forces in Ukraine

Ukraine accuses Russia of ‘armed invasion’ after Crimea airports blockaded – Telegraph.

Mexicanos Taking Texas Back

Expert: Texas needs to address growth of Hispanic population – El Paso Times.

Water problems in Latin America

Latin America must address water loss in 2014 – BNamericas report – BNamericas.

Afro Latinos Y Que!

Afro Latinos Mixed Identity Can Leave Them Out of the Mix – NBC

25 Things To Know About Black People in America

25 Things Everyone Needs to Know About the Lives of Black People in America | Alternet.

Obamagration: hunger striking immigrants attacked, deported

Attacks, Arrests and Deportation for Immigrant Hunger Strikers – COLORLINES.


Infographic Illustrates the Structural Racism of the Oscars – COLORLINES.

Fascist Imperialism: U.S. Fourth Reich much like Germany’s Third Reich

America vs. the World – Invasion, Occupation, Disruption: U.S. Imperialism is Alive and Well | Global Research.