Monthly Archives: February 2014

DEA conspiracy with drug cartel exposed

U.S. Government and Mexican Cartel, Partners in Drug Plot? | Global Research.

Slavery Backbone of “Democracy”

The Bleached Bones of the Dead: What the Modern World Owes Slavery (It’s More Than Back Wages).

Israel Apartheid Worse Than It Seems

Dr. Ashrawi Strongly Condemns Israel’s Racist Laws and Policies.

Agent of Agency that Framed Chicano Political Prisoner Ramsey Muniz (DEA) Joins Marijuana Industry

DEA Agent Joins Marijuana Industry –

Violence, slavery and prostitution at U.S.-Mexico border

Forced labor, prostitution continues at U.S.-Mexico border |

Dare Call It “Spreading Democracy” — Neo-Nazis led by CIA in Ukraine, as in Venezuela

» Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Declare that Power Comes Out of the Barrels of their Guns Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!.

Tyrant Ted Cruz lecturing Obama on negotiating with tyrants

Ted Cruz blasts Obama for failing Venezuela: ‘Negotiating with tyrants and bullies never works’ |

Russian warship docked in Havana

Russian spy ship docked in Havana – Yahoo News.

Russia takes over Crimea government headquarters

Ukraine leader warns Russia after armed men seize government HQ in Crimea | Reuters.

Tsunami Threat In The Caribbean

BERNAMA – Earthquake, Tsunami In The Caribbean Worries St Lucia Prime Minister.