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Magical economic recovery and other U.S. lies

The Fiction of Economic Recovery: “Magic Growth Numbers” From the U.S. Government | Global Research.

The USA will ultimately pay for its crimes against humanity

Sobering Truths About America’s Imperialist Crimes Against Humanity | Global Research.

JUST-US: civil courts for the rich and well-to-do, criminal courts for the poor, exploited and oppressed

Social Control in America, Police Enforcement of “Minor Crimes” | Global Research.

  Pentaganda (Pentagon Propaganda) defies Reality

  2014: The Year Propaganda Came Of Age :  Information Clearing House – ICH.

Just Wars don’t exist, and never have

Non-Violence and the Lost Message of Jesus.

Bloodthirsty NYPD turns its back on NYC Mayor de Blasio

At funeral for NYPD’s Rafael Ramos, police pay their respects, show their frustrations – The Washington Post.

Hollywood a Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD)

False Flagging the World towards War. The CIA Weaponizes Hollywood | Global Research.

Bush’s Fourth Reich no better than Hitler’s Third Reich

The Road to Torture | Global Research.


Selling ‘Peace Groups’ on US-Led Wars   :  Information Clearing House – ICH.

U.S. Torture Program continues unabated

The United States Is Committing Brutal Acts of Torture Right Now.