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Ten Years Ago: December 26, 2004: Indian Ocean Tsunami

Ten Years Ago: December 26, 2004: Indian Ocean Tsunami. Why did the Information Not Get Out? Was There a Hidden Agenda? | Global Research.

Living on a Dollar a Day

Liesl Bradner: Living on a Dollar a Day – Book Review – Truthdig.

U.S. Military tortured innocent Muslims, too

How CIA Torture Spread Like Wildfire Throughout the US Military | Alternet.

Bush and Blair banned from Birthplace of Jesus

The Spirit of Christmas: George W. Bush and Tony Blair banned from the Birthplace of Jesus Christ | Global Research.

What is Facebook really up to?

Facebook: Colonialism 2.0. Managing Public Perception. The Pinnacle of Social Engineering | Global Research.

U.S. tortured several prisoners to death under Bush/Cheney

  Bush & Cheney Should Be Charged with War Crimes Says Col. Wilkerson, Former Aide to Colin Powel :  Information Clearing House – ICH.

Eurasian Economic Union is born

Eurasian Economic Union is born burdened by Russian crisis | Fox News Latino.

FBI raids Doral Bank headquarters in Puerto Rico

FBI agents raid Doral Bank headquarters in Puerto Rico | Fox News Latino.

Doral Financial Bank smearing Puerto Rico

Rep. Luis Gutierrez: A bank’s smear campaign against the people of Puerto Rico | Fox News Latino.

“Comedy” most effective way to spread racism; SNL more racist than ever

SNL Cuba Skit Takes All The Fun Out Of Restoring Diplomatic Relations.