Monthly Archives: February 2015

 After 9/11 and Al-Qaeda, U.S. needs another fake reason to finish colonizing entire Middle East, like ISIS

 Egypt is Calling the West’s Bluff Over its Phony War on ISIS  :  Information Clearing House – ICH.

Political challengers being murdered in Mexico

Political activist murdered in central Mexico | Fox News Latino.

No flip-flop re hip-hop for Geraldo

Geraldo Rivera responds to critics following hip-hop comments | Fox News Latino.

Moscow serial killers butchered several homeless people

Moscow serial killers targeted homeless drunks to cleanse capital — RT News.

Only Non-Whites and White activists fighting for good causes considered “terrorists”

White People Aren’t Called Terrorists Unless They Liberate Animals, Apparently.

Church of England Vicar Banned From Social Media for Questioning 9/11 Propaganda

Backlash by Church of England: Vicar Banned From Social Media for Endorsing 9/11 Truth | Global Research.

9/11 flag kicked off four genocidal U.S. wars in Middle East alone

  Since 9/11, Weve Had 4 Wars in the Middle East. Theyve All Been Disasters.  :  Information Clearing House – ICH.

Protests and repression in Brazil

Protests in Brazil and Their Repression.

Fog-catchers to provide water in Peruvian desert

1,000 “Fog-catchers” to provide water in Peruvian desert | Fox News Latino.

Homeless exodus to Vatican

Vatican offers free haircuts, shaves and showers to Rome’s homeless population – CBS News.