Monthly Archives: February 2015

Drugs for sale

Beware the Drug Companies, How they Deceive Us: “Criticizing Big Pharma” | Global Research.

Junk Food Genocide

Junk Food more Deadly than War, Famine, Genocide: Study | Global Research.

What U.S. genocide has created in Middle East

Egypt strikes Libya jihadists after beheadings video – Yahoo News.

Internet censorship around the corner

  Cometh the Censor  :  Information Clearing House – ICH.

 Dick Cheney the Torture King

   CIA Torture Program Was “Dick Cheney’s Baby” – John Kiriakou  :  Information Clearing House – ICH.

Israel’s Hydrogen Bomb compliments of the USA

US Helped Israel with H-Bomb – 1980s Report Declassified | Global Research.

Sheldon Adelson, Israel’s messiah

The Real Ruler of Israel: Sheldon Adelson » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names.

Obama attempts to bomb Venezuela’s presidential palace

Venezuelan president claims U.S. behind failed plot to bomb presidential palace, 14 arrested | Fox News Latino.

Pope confronting Mexican lawlessness

Pope Francis pick for cardinal sends strong message about Mexico cartel violence | Fox News Latino.

Israel attacked USS Liberty, killing and maiming many Americans

The USS Liberty: A Failed Israeli False Flag Attack Against the United States | Global Research.