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Hitler would agree with this Mexicana

Olga Gutierrez Machorro believes that beggars should be culled with lethal injection, believing it to be in their best interests. Unbelievably, Machorro, who is a member of the local government in Tecamachalco, Mexico, is also the councillor responsible for the Vulnerable Groups Commission – who try to find ways to help the homeless and disadvantaged.

Source: Politician Says Homeless People Should Be Put Down By Lethal Injection – Yahoo News

Raul Castro blasts the rich, at the UN

Cuban leader Raul Castro used his first speech before the United Nations General Assembly to lash out at the international body, saying Monday that member states have failed to produce much beyond an “illusion” of the human rights, justice and development promised in the charter.

Source: Cuba’s Castro lashes out at superpowers in first UN address | McClatchy DC

Conscientious Objectors

Conscientious objection wages an active challenge to war, one soldier at a time.

Source: Objecting to War: The Human Conscience vs. the US Military

Like bloodthirsty savages, Israelis slaughtering Palestine’s children and its future


U.S. fighting imperialist wars, in 135 Countries

Source: U.S. Special Operations Forces: A Secret War in 135 Countries

World’s Greatest Threat

Source: America: The World’s Greatest Threat

Canonizing Terrorist Junipero Serra

It’s time to confront, not celebrate, the other American slavery.

Source: Why Is the ‘Radical Pope’ About to Canonize a Priest Who Helped Enslave and Murder Native Americans?

Thousands left homeless by giant Chile quake

More than 9,000 people were left homeless after a powerful earthquake hit northern and central Chile last week, officials said Sunday, dramatically increasing previous estimates. The death toll from the 8.3 magnitude quake that struck on September 16 remained at 13, with four still missing, said Deputy Interior Minister Mahmud Aleuy. The offshore earthquake was the sixth strongest in the history of geologically volatile Chile and the most powerful anywhere in the world this year, officials say.

Source: Thousands left homeless by giant Chile quake


Humanity is predisposed to peace.

Source: The US Military and the Myth That Humanity Is Predisposed to Violence

Fascism has already closed the door on U.S. “democracy”

Calling Donald Trump a fascist is not enough. We must show the seeds of totalitarianism in his discourse and policy measures.

Source: Henry A. Giroux | Political Frauds and the Ghost of Totalitarianism