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Police Brutality Update: 2/29/16

Source: Police Brutality – The Free Thought Project

Aryan Mercenary Industry Booming

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Source: Mercenary Industry Booming as Private Armies Wage Wars for Corporations

Apartheid Israel: Racism is Law of the Land

Source:   In Israel, Racism Is The Law  :  Information Clearing House – ICH

Hating Trump is the secret, to his success

Source: Bashing Donald Trump Makes Him Stronger | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

Obamagration: At least five Honduran children have been murdered after being deported from U.S.

Some politicians refute claims that children are fleeing violence.

Source: Five Children Murdered After They Were Deported Back To Honduras | ThinkProgress

Police Brutality Update: 2/22/16

Source: Police Brutality Archive | The Free Thought Project

 Trump blames Saudi Arabia for 9/11

Source:  Trump: “Secret Papers” May Link 9/11 to Saudi Arabia   :  Information Clearing House – ICH

U.S. mercenaries fighting alongside terrorists, in Middle East

Source: Pentagon Mercenaries:     :  Information Clearing House – ICH

CIA’s terrorist groups

Source:  10 Secret Armies of the Central Intelligence Agency   :  Information Clearing House – ICH

Obama the ultimate Uncle Tom

As a radical, Black organizer, I do not feel that a handshake with the president is the best way for me to honor Black lives.

Source: Black Struggle Is Not a Sound Bite: Why I Refused to Meet With President Obama