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Police Brutality Update

Source: Police Brutality – The Free Thought Project

Trump doesn’t give a rat’s, a Mexican is a Mexican

Source: Trump attacks Susana Martinez because he can.

Puerto Rico, as a colonized state of the U.S.

The US may soon oversee the finances of the entire government of Puerto Rico, marking a new era in Caribbean colonialism.

Source: No More Colonialism Disguised as Financial Assistance: The US Must Relinquish Puerto Rico

No peace or justice until U.S. war criminals are imprisoned

Officials’ impunity all but guarantees that the next time our country is seized by a spasm of fear, we can expect more crimes.

Source: US Officials Responsible for Torture Should Be Prosecuted Under Nuremberg Protocols

Empire of Lies: How the US Continues to Deceive the World About Puerto Rico

Members of Congress are trying to lower Puerto Rico’s minimum wage — and say they’re “stabilizing” the island’s economy.

Source: Empire of Lies: How the US Continues to Deceive the World About Puerto Rico

Lynching and other racist memorabilia

Source: Pulitzer Prize winner: Zimmerman’s gun sale echoes ‘trophies’ taken from lynched black men

Republican Party Second to CIA, as greatest world threat; Democratic Party in Third

Chomsky looks at the rightward shift in US politics and the 2016 election.

Source: Noam Chomsky: Today’s Republican Party Is a Candidate for Most Dangerous Organization in Human History

Aryanzona Joe the Sheriff wouldn’t intentionally harm anyone

Source: The one word that could decide Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s future

Evangelical racism

Source: Samantha Bee’s epic smackdown of right-wing Christians’ political hypocrisy is an instant classic

Clinton Foundation a bloodsucking leech on society, government

Scandal: A new investigation reveals that Bill and Hillary Clinton took in at least $100 million from Middle East leaders.

Source: Hillarys Latest Scandal: She And Bill Siphoned $100 Mil From Persian Gulf Leaders | Stock News & Stock Market Analysis – IBD