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Marranos, at the trough.

In a sense, human history could be seen as an endless tale of the rise and fall of empires. In the last century alone, from the Hapsburgs and Imperial Japan to Great Britain and the Soviet Union, the stage was crowded with such entities heading for the nearest exit. By 1991, with the implosion of the USSR, it seemed as if Earth’s imperial history was more or less over. After all, only one great imperial power was left.

Source: An Administration of Losers? | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community

Why Hillary really lost

The incredible group-think that has seen the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, President Obama, the Clinton campaign and most of the corporate media braying that Vladimir Putin scandalously upended American d…

Source: It Wasn’t the Russians: Hillary Lost Because She Blew Off Sanders and His Voters

U.S. Invasion and Occupation of Africa

Source:  Washington’s America-First Commandos in Africa     : Information Clearing House – ICH

Killing journalists, to kill the truth

Source:  Amid The Bombs of Aleppo, All You Can Hear Are Lies    : Information Clearing House – ICH

Electoral College: “We don’t need no stinkin’ fair election!”

Presidential electors preparing to cast their votes today have unique leverage at a moment of constitutional peril.

Source: The Electoral College, the Constitution and Trump’s Conflicts of Interest

Toxic sites, as prisons and jails

LA County is building a new jail in an area where valley fever — a potentially fatal fungal infection — is endemic.

Source: Jails in LA County Knowingly Expose Prisoners to Deadly Fungal Infection

White Supremacy Reigns

According to such a construction, racism can only be treated with medical intervention.

Source: White Supremacy Is Not an Illness

Warmongrels, as American heroes compliments of Pentagonda

Latinos herded into prisons like cattle

In a report that was released on Thursday called “The Alarming Lack of Data on Latinos in the Criminal Justice System,” it shows that the percentage of Latinos in the criminal justice system across the U.S. is inaccurate. READ: 10 Troubling Facts About Latinas and Mass Incarceration

Source: Study Shows Latinos Not Accurately Counted in Criminal Justice System Across U.S.

Conquering the world

Source: Dick Cheney’s Song of America