Monthly Archives: June 2017

Gaza needs love and compassion, not hatred, death and destruction.

Source: Pushing Gaza to Suicide: the Politics of Humiliation

Justice Dept. folds against racist “Redskins”

Source: Justice Department gives up Washington Redskins name fight | Pro32: Head to Head

Hatespeech what Trump spews best.

Source: The Truth About Immigrants and Public Benefits | The Nation

Trump stirring up more hate against immigrants for his own political gains.

Source: Trump Highlights Crimes by Undocumented Immigrants – NBC News

Melania stands by her sugar daddy.

Source: Trump ‘will punch back 10 times harder’ if ‘attacked’: Melania Trump defends vicious ‘facelift’ tweets

Kentucky’s Republican governor signed bill allowing Bible to be taught in public schools

Source: Kentucky’s Republican governor just signed a bill allowing the Bible to be taught in public schools

Anglonizing Latin America

Source: Proxy War and Surrogate Terror: How the US Came to Take an Active Role in War and Torture in Latin America

Anglocation ravages the world.

Source: Henry A. Giroux | Thinking Dangerously: The Role of Higher Education in Authoritarian Times

Honduran Melon Workers Push for Union Rights

Source: Honduran Melon Workers Push for Union Rights


Source: Macron’s Mission: Save the European Union From Itself