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Police Brutality Update

via Police Brutality Archives – The Free Thought Project

Junk food sent to Puerto Rico hurricane survivors.

via People Are Outraged About the Emergency Food Packages Being Sent to Puerto Ricans

History of Genocide, in California.

via The Hidden History of How California Was Built on Genocide

U.S. war and other crimes against humanity go unpunished, leading to more savagery.

via US Military and CIA Leaders May Be Investigated for War Crimes

Hillary’s Libyan Affair.

via Libya’s Slave Auctions and African Genocide: What Hillary Knew | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

Amazon Indians being massacred.

via Uncontacted People Still Being Massacred in Amazonia

Christians now representing their God and Jesus, as perverts.

via Roy Moore Proves the Moral Bankruptcy of the Religious Right | Alternet


via WATCH: 16 Women Tell Their Heartbreaking Stories of Sexual Assault by Trump | Alternet

Takes real men, to slaughter elephants.

via Trump ends ban on importing elephant trophies

Proof the majority of White women voters in the U.S. are racist.

via Why the Majority of White Women Voted for Trump | Alternet