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Trump doesn’t give a damn about Iranians.

via Trump Doesn’t Really Care About Iranian Protesters

The Immoral have taken over the U.S. government and religions, to redefine Morality, so now what?

via Rev. Barber: America Needs a Moral Movement | Alternet

Heil, Trump!

via Are Hitler-Trump Comparisons Fair? A Holocaust Survivor Tells His Son

Immigrants and Obamacare are not America’s major problems, White Racism is.

via Republicans face an uphill climb in 2018 if they fail on immigration and ObamaCare | TheHill

Ramsey Muniz being killed, in federal prison.

Hermanas y Hermanos:

I’ve worked with so many great people, in this ongoing struggle for Ramsey’s freedom. I cannot thank you all enough for joining and helping us, in this just cause.

It’s been an uphill battle all the way, and those who haven’t quit fighting — especially Mrs. Irma Muniz and Monica Acosta-Zamora — thank you for inspiring us, to believe in and fight for a man who deserves all the credit in the world, for keeping La Causa alive throughout Aztlan and beyond, even behind bars in the most racist and oppressive nation on earth.

Ramsey was a criminal defense attorney before Texas racists launched an all-out war against our most powerful Chicano leader. He fought for the rights of the least among us like all Chicanas and Chicanos should, but don’t.

Too many turn their backs on our locked-up camaradas for no good reason. Our best Chicano leaders have always been taken from us in their prime, leaving us with two-faced marranos, vendidos and tapados who pretend to be our leaders fighting for us when they are only profiting from our impoverishment, exploitation and oppression by keeping us, in check.

Yes, our greatest Chicana and Chicano leaders are behind bars, and Ramsey is the greatest of them all. This coming New Year 2018, please resolve with those of us still fighting for Ramsey’s freedom, to do all you can to see him walk among us once again, in the barrios and pueblos of Aztlan where he belongs.

They are in the process of killing Ramiro behind bars now, and only a total united stand by all of us can stop this great injustice from happening. FREERAMSEY.COM



Mass demonstrations would be occurring in the U.S. today, if citizens weren’t so afraid of Trump’s fascist police and vigilante forces.

via ‘World is watching’: U.S. warns Iran amid protests Pro-government Iranians rallied as spontaneous protests sparked by anger over the country’s ailing economy roiled major cities. Trump: ‘World is watching’ »

Puppet regime, in Honduras.

via Trump Endorses Criminal Conspiracy to Crush Honduras Vote | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

White Racism: Trump Fuels the Fire.

via ‘Trumpism’ Is Ingrained in White America — When He Goes, It Will Remain | Alternet

Police Brutality Update.

via Police Brutality Archives – The Free Thought Project

Immigrants are not criminals, but those who discriminate against them are.

via Trump Falsely Lumps Immigrants With Criminals to Promote His Agenda, Research Finds