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Police Brutality Update.

via Police Brutality Archives – The Free Thought Project

Trump denying tax refunds, to hardworking immigrants.

via Trump Proposal Would Penalize Legal Immigrants for Getting Tax Refunds

ICE to imprison immigrant women, and steal their children.

via Donald Trump Order Means ICE Can Detain Pregnant Women | Time

Trump meant the Military, not the Mexicans, will pay for his border wall.

via Rep. Gallagher: Don’t divert military funds to border wall | On Air Videos | Fox News

NRA wants gun control activists dead, regardless of age.

via NRA’s Dana Loesch: Gun control activists — not the president — are the real tyrants in America today

Trump’s death squads out of control.

via Police Brutality Archives – The Free Thought Project

Saving the planet.

via Breaking News & Views| Independent Media | Common Dreams

Pentaganda (Pentagon propaganda), left and right.

via A Steady Diet of War Hawks, Spies and Liars

Trump bangs his Wall with Ann Coulter.

via Did Trump Lift His Latest Border Wall Proposal Directly From Ann Coulter? | Alternet

Mitt Romney disgracing the Mormon faith.

via Mitt Romney Is Living Proof There Are No Decent Republicans | Alternet