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Beware the Jackass on the way.

via Warnings of ‘Civilization-Threatening Disaster’ as John Bolton Tops List of McMaster Replacements

Hey, Melania! Your husband and his thugs are bullying Stormy!

via MSNBC conservative blames physical threats against Stormy Daniels on Trump ‘thugocracy and sleaze’

Spreading racism, in America, like spreading mayonnaise on white bread.

via White Supremacists Are No Longer Just Spreading Their Hate Online | Alternet

Fake Democracy Destroyed Real Democracy Centuries Ago, Not “Social Media.”

The sensation of being left out has led many white Latinos to pen op-eds and think pieces about their experiences.

Source: Is Social Media Destroying Democracy? | Alternet

Farmworkers call for Wendy’s boycott.

via Farmworkers Bring Human Rights Fight to Wendy’s Doorstep, Fasting and Calling for Boycott Over Abuses

Many Republicans beginning, to see the light beyond Trump’s dark cloud of hatred and contempt for most voters.

via Did Trump’s visit stave off a rout in Pennsylvania? The Republican post-loss spin, analyzed

Racism sells guns.

via White Men Stockpile Guns Because They’re Scared of Black People and Feel Inadequate, Science Says | Alternet

TWITTER CYBERBULLYING: Melania Trump vs. Donald Trump.

via Melania Trump invites tech giants to a meeting on cyberbullying

Fake public servants cry “fake news” every time they are exposed.

via ‘Fake news’ smear takes hold among politicians at all levels

Xavier Becerra vs. Fascist Trump.

Xavier Becerra

via For Xavier Becerra, California’s attorney general, the fight with Trump is personal – The Washington Post