La Raza Cosmica!

The racists don’t see any difference between Raza “immigrants” and Raza “citizens.” Somos Uno.

The racism against all of us has been institutionalized into every aspect of U.S. life since before Columbus (Doctrine of Discovery ~, while a minority of us are now protected more than others from their racist wrath by the U.S. constitution and laws, as “citizens.”

Beyond these two man-made labels, Raza citizens are no different than Raza immigrants. Somos familia. We are of course diverse. There are over 650 million of us, including the over 55 million of us now in the US, and our immigrant-childrenroots go back thousands of years through our indigenous ancestors on our continents.

La Raza is the majority population of the Americas and Caribbean Islands. The U.S. and Canada are essentially apartheid states, in our Western Hemisphere, like South Africa was in Africa, and Israel still is, in Asia. Apartheid states divide indigenous populations against each other, and that is what has been happening to La Raza for centuries. We have been taught and forced, to hate and kill each other by the racists.

La Raza is the multilingual majority of people comprised of all the races, colors, nationalities, cultures, ethnicities and religions of the world. In other words, we represent the entire human race, unlike the racists intent on shoving White Supremacy down our throats by brute force of arms, with Trump’s Mexican Wall, ICE, military, vigilantes, and other violent actions.

Trump’s war on immigrants is more accurately a war on La Raza. Republicans knows more Raza in the U.S. means more votes against them.

La Raza is the largest “minority” in the U.S. already, and we would have remained the majority in North America had Aztlan not been stolen from us, and had natural human migration in the Western Hemisphere not been “hacked” so violently and inhumanely, by European invaders and occupiers since Columbus stumbled upon our ancestral lands.

La Raza brings peace to the world because we are the world, La Raza Cosmica y que. Let us always stand alongside all our brothers and sisters for theirs and our ancestral rights on our lands. QUE VIVA LA RAZA! <>

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