ACLU, please stop this racist GoFundMe fundraiser against Latinos.

Hello, ACLU:


GoFundMe seems to be a charitable organization that claims to help the needy and organizations gain online donations for their charitable causes. Recently, they allowed a Brian Kolfage at  to start a fundraiser for Trump’s border wall, a political cause that has nothing to do with love and compassion for others.

In fact, it is a hate movement led by hate groups intent on causing more hostilities against impoverished Latino immigrants and refugees, and all their supporters, including “liberals” and Democrats.

It has been my understanding charitable groups cannot be involved, in these types of political causes. Millions of dollars have already been donated to this racist cause, lending significant support to President Trump’s agenda, and no support for the truly needy immigrants and refugees faced with all this hatred and contempt on our southern border fomented by these types of hate groups.

Please let us know, if ACLU can take legal action, to stop this GoFundMe scam.


Sincerely, Ruben Botello, Founder

American Homeless Society

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