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America’s Endless Tragedy: Like Trump, Joe Biden Is a Fraud, Too.

Biden has a media image that exudes down-to-earth caring and advocacy for regular folks. But his actual record is a very different story.

Source: Opinion -Joe Biden Is a Fraud, Plain and Simple

The rich elite created the middle class, to control and regulate the poor, but guess what? With advanced technology, robotics and mechanization, the rich don’t need no stinkin’ middle class, anymore, so welcome to poverty row, suckers!

A new study points to a troubling trend in 34 of the world’s most developed countries. Co-author Michael Forster explains his findings.

Source: The Middle Class Is Under Assault Across the Globe – Truthdig

White Supremacists reign supreme on Twitter.

It’s a little too close to the mainstream Republican party.

Source: Why Twitter Won’t Ban White Nationalists

Democrats don’t have the huevos, to kick Trump where it hurts.

Their methods for blocking their most viable 2020 candidate are making it look that way.

Source: Do Democrats Prefer Trump in the White House?

Why are the elite killing off our species? There is a point of no return, to all this genocide that will wipe them out, too, unless they have some sort of exclusive escape or survival plan.

Extinction Rebellion members and wunderkind Greta Thunberg won’t accept complacency from politicians as they race against the clock.

Source: Thank These Climate Activists for Resisting Our Extinction

Police Brutality Update.

Source: Police Brutality Archives – The Free Thought Project

Trump’s Saudi Arabian buddies literally chopping heads off people they disagree with, and he must just love that policy.

The monarchical dictatorship of Saudi Arabia announced on Tuesday that it had carried out another killing spree, publicly executing 37 people in the cities of Riyadh, Medina and Mecca, as well as in central Qassim Province and in the kingdom’s Eastern Province. One of the headless corpses was then crucified and left hanging in public […]

Source: US-backed Saudi Regime Beheads 37 Political Prisoners – Global ResearchGlobal Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

Two old f@rts, same old stench.

President Donald Trump said Friday morning that he expects to make quick work of former Vice President Joe Biden if he survives the grueling Democratic primary season.

Source: ‘I’m a young, vibrant man!’ Trump says he’ll beat Joe Biden ‘easily’ | Daily Mail Online

Trump’s Motto: White Supremacy Forever!

Many reporters and pundits at Fox News haven’t been shy about jumping through hoops to defend President Donald Trump even when he is at his worst. Nonetheless, there are times when Fox News employees show some integrity, and a new report from the Daily Beast indicates that Jon Decker is one of them.

Source: Fox News reporter chastised colleagues for sounding like a ‘white supremacist chat room’: report –

What’s evil, satanic and demonic about capitalism, as most people languish, in indebtedness, poverty and despair.

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Source: 3 American dynasties dwarf wealth of 4M families