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Ethnic cleansing in the Dominican Republic

Opinion: Ethnic cleansing in the Dominican Republic deserves condemnation | Fox News Latino.

Caribbean faces widespread drought, water shortages

Parched Caribbean faces widespread drought, water shortages – Yahoo News.

All Native American and Caribbean languages, cultures and traditions should be respected and preserved

Peru works to preserve Indian languages | Fox News Latino.

American Red Cross rips off hundreds of millions from donors and needy Haitians

Where did the half billion raised for Haiti go? Red Cross won’t say, only built six houses.

U.S. terrorism against Cuba

Latino Voices: U.S. was State Sponsor of Terror Against Cuba | The Progressive.

Free Oscar Lopez Rivera!

Mass March for ‘Latino Hero’ Oscar Lopez Planned in New York | News | teleSUR English.

Cuba hit hard by drought

Drought affects over 1 mn people in Cuba | Fox News Latino.

Anglocation not the solution to La Raza’s major problems

English Use on the Rise Among Latinos | Pew Research Centers Hispanic Trends Project.

Vatican may take control of Cuba — AGAIN!

Raúl Castro may join Catholic Church after meeting with Pope Francis | Fox News Latino.

Clintons cannot win over Latinos or any other intelligent voters

Can Hillary Clinton win over Latino voters? – The Washington Post.