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All Native American and Caribbean languages, cultures and traditions should be respected and preserved

Peru works to preserve Indian languages | Fox News Latino.

American Red Cross rips off hundreds of millions from donors and needy Haitians

Where did the half billion raised for Haiti go? Red Cross won’t say, only built six houses.

Health Benefits of Marijuana

5 Health Benefits of Smoking Pot : Health : Latino Post.

Children of USA’s Agent Orange

Vietnam’s Horrific Legacy: The Children of Agent Orange | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization.

Hundreds of homeless dying from heat strokes, in India

400, mostly homeless people, die in heat wave across India.

Remembering Deepwater Horizon, BP’s Finest

Deepwater Capitalism » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names.

European Union law requires housing for the homeless

Helping the homeless is not a political choice | EurActiv.

Latinas getting more cancer

Cancer Rates Among Latina Women on Rise, Studies Say : US News : Latin Post.

NYC turns blind eye to deadly hazards, in its homeless shelters

City Turns Blind Eye to Lethal Dangers in Homeless Shelters, Report Says – Civic Center – New York.

Thousands of Manila homeless more homeless after fire

Some 10,000 left homeless after Manila shanty town fires (+video) –