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More and more homeless kids in Dublin

More than a thousand kids in Dublin are homeless.

South Africa: From apartheid to more poverty, exploitation and oppression

The Fight for a Socialist South Africa: Racial Disparities in Wealth Increased Since the End of Formal Apartheid | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization.

U.S. invasion, occupation of Syria advances

  US To Begin Invasion of Syria    :   Information Clearing House – ICH.

American Red Cross rips off hundreds of millions from donors and needy Haitians

Where did the half billion raised for Haiti go? Red Cross won’t say, only built six houses.

London council aims to criminalize its homeless

Anger mounts over council plans to ‘criminalise the homeless’ – Telegraph.

Tornado leaves 13 dead, hundreds homeless in Mexico

13 dead, hundreds left homeless after tornado ravages Mexican border city.

Hundreds of homeless dying from heat strokes, in India

400, mostly homeless people, die in heat wave across India.

Homelessness is Genocide

Nobody really cares for homeless.

Like Washington, DC, Washington State treats the homeless like dirt

REPORT SAYS WASH. STATECriminalizes people for being homeless | BREAKING NEWS | Sky Valley Chronicle Washington State News.

Sex traffickers invade Nepal for women and children

Sex trade human traffickers swarm Nepal targeting women and girls left homeless | Daily Mail Online.