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Caribbean faces widespread drought, water shortages

Parched Caribbean faces widespread drought, water shortages – Yahoo News.

Pentaganda’s Golden Silences

Golden Silences in the U.S. Propaganda System | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization.

Tornado leaves 13 dead, hundreds homeless in Mexico

13 dead, hundreds left homeless after tornado ravages Mexican border city.

Hundreds of homeless dying from heat strokes, in India

400, mostly homeless people, die in heat wave across India.

Homeless Nepalis in desperate need of humanitarian aid

Homeless Nepalis sleep in the open as monsoon rains approach | Reuters.

Nepal homeless desperate for life-sustaining aid

Eyewitness: Children homeless and helpless need urgent humanitarian aid | World | The National.

Clinton Foundation ripping off Haitian homeless

More Trouble for Hillary’s Slush Fund as Haitians Protest Clinton ‘Foundation’ | PJ Tatler.

Vanuatu desperately needs humanitarian aid after Cyclone Pam

More than 100,000 homeless in Vanuatu as president makes emotional plea for Cyclone Pam aid – Telegraph.