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Politics always based on lies, deceit

Smoking Gun: 1960s-Era Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist Says Politics ‘Is All Fraudulent’ – Truthdig.

When a servant like Obama serves his masters well

The Obamas’ Net Worth Is as Much as $6.9 Million – Truthdig.

America’s god created in its own image

America’s God Complex » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names.

Clintons cannot win over Latinos or any other intelligent voters

Can Hillary Clinton win over Latino voters? – The Washington Post.

The 1% Playbook

Strategies of the 1% Revealed.

New Kingston, Jamaica, hiding its homeless from Obama

Homeless people removed from New Kingston ahead of Obamas visit – Latest News –

La Raza will not waste time voting for marranos, vendidos or tapados

Low Hispanic voter turnout partly fault of candidates | Albuquerque Journal News.

Imagine hell on earth with Ted Cruz

Liberty University Crowd GOES WILD as Ted Cruz Says: Imagine A President Who Stands With Israel (Video) | The Gateway Pundit.

GOP dividing Latino voters, to steal White House

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz set to launch bid to become first Hispanic president | Fox News Latino.

Jeb’s “homeland security” scheme

Jeb Bush’s Team Plots Vast Effort to Win Florida –