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Cops find it easier, to murder Latinos than Blacks

Police Killings of Latinos Spark Less Outrage | Al Jazeera America.

How fascist liberals are used, to coopt just causes and movements

Obama, Mass Incarceration and the “Extreme Center”.

Institutionalized racism for so long as the rivers flow

  Corporate Capitalism Is the Foundation of Police Brutality and the Prison State  :   Information Clearing House – ICH.

Bilderberg Group’s Nazi Plan

The Bilderberg Group: Founded By A Nazi And Continuing The Agenda Of The Nazis.

Torture is Torture By Any Other Name

  No-Touch Torture Report:   Information Clearing House – ICH.

What’s the FBI up to now?

Video: “The FBI is Responsible for More Terrorism Plots In the United States Than Any Other Organization. More Than Al Qaeda, More Than Al Shabaab, More Than the Islamic State, More Than All Of Them Combined”.

Never ignore or forget victims of police brutality

Police Brutality | The Free Thought Project.

Government encourages police forces to kill Non-Whites, as society cheers them on

America Is #1 in Police Killings Among Western Democracies, Yet We\’re Only Just Discovering How Bad the Situation Is | Alternet.

History of U.S. torture chambers

The Secret Origins of the CIA’s Torture Program and the Forgotten Man Who Tried to Expose It – Truthdig.

Free Oscar Lopez Rivera!

Mass March for ‘Latino Hero’ Oscar Lopez Planned in New York | News | teleSUR English.