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U.S. Marines in Honduras

The Hidden Script of US Militarization in Honduras.

Hillary in bed with Apartheid Israel

The Fawning Candidate: Hillary Clinton and Apartheid Israel.

Hillary’s involvement in overthrow of Honduras government

Clinton Continued Funding For Honduras Coup Regime :   Information Clearing House – ICH.

Occupied Middle East

Invading Iraq Not A New Idea For Bush Clique.

U.S. invasion, occupation of Syria advances

  US To Begin Invasion of Syria    :   Information Clearing House – ICH.

Mexican soldiers massacred Tlatlaya civilians

Prosecutors: Mexican soldiers executed half of Tlatlaya victims | Fox News Latino.

Obama’s Death Squads

 Washington’s Death Squads :   Information Clearing House – ICH.

Israeli Apartheid produced and directed by the CIA

Israel Wants 50% Increase in US Provided Military Aid. “U.S. Tax Payers Fund Netanyahu’s Killing Machine” | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization.


War Propaganda. “Planting Stories” in the News Chain | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization.

Iraq war was not just a mistake, it was and still is GENOCIDE

Consensus among 2016 hopefuls – even Bush, Rubio – Iraq war was mistake | Fox News Latino.