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Reality Check: The Democratic Party has never been any less corrupt than the Republican Party. Journalists are duty-bound, to expose this corruption, at all times.

“You cannot support the prosecution of a publisher for publishing without narrowing the basic rights every newspaper relies on,” says NSA whistleblower

Source: Snowden Speaks Out for Assange: ‘If You Would Deny a Thing to Your Enemy, It Is Not a Right’

Insecticide killing people, like cockroaches.

The controversial insecticide chlorpyrifos is linked to brain impacts on children.

Source: Industry Studies Show Bias and Misleading Conclusions on Widely Used Insecticide

Crucifying Julian Assange

The media’s refusal to defend the WikiLeaks publisher is a betrayal of press freedom.

Source: Crucifying Julian Assange

Pentaganda vs. Wikileaks.

Empire’s currency is the Lie, which is why the Truth sounds bizarre to all but the well-informed.

Source: Empire’s Currency: The Lie – Global ResearchGlobal Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

Fake Democrats like Nancy Pelosi are ruining the party’s future.

Nearly three-quarters of the American public and a historic number of Democratic lawmakers support Medicare for All, but the House Democratic leadership is considering using its newly won majority to impose a rule that would ”

Source: ‘A staggeringly bad idea’: Outrage as Pelosi pushes tax rule that would ‘kneecap the progressive agenda’ | Alternet

Police Brutality Update.

Source: Police Brutality Archives – The Free Thought Project

Trump Gestapo, to protect president from media exposure to American People.

Fox News this afternoon aired an excerpt of President Donald Trump’s big interview with Chris Wallace, in which POTUS reacted to a federal judge’s ruling against the White House on Jim Acosta’s press credential.

Source: Trump Warns Acosta After Judge’s Ruling: ‘If He Misbehaves, We’ll Throw Him Out’

North Dakota Republican Who Sponsored Law Disenfranchising Native Americans Loses Election — To a Native American


On Tuesday night in North Dakota, Democrats faced a stinging blow with the loss of Sen. Heidi Heitkamp.

Source: North Dakota Republican Who Sponsored Law Disenfranchising Native Americans Loses Election — To a Native American | Alternet

Trump gets away with flagrant racism, why not Idaho teachers, too? After all, racism is what’s making Trump’s America Great Again!

Source: Middleton teachers who dressed as border wall head back to schoo – Spokane, North Idaho News & Weather

Why are they fleeing?

The gang, which authorities dubbed

Source: Peru arrests ex-police chief, others on baby-trafficking …